Why Manaslu Tours ?

Manaslu Tours is affilated with Ethic Himalaya Treks group of highly trained and professional certified Nepal Government Trekking Guides, Mountain Guides and International Mountain Guide with years of experience in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We treat equal to all no matter who is boss and labor. We interact directly with our valuable clients, resulting in custom-made itineraries that suit every budget and interest. We work with you throughout the planning process and will consider your budget carefully.  We offer choices ranging from small to large groups and low budget accommodations to all inclusive camping trips. Because there is no agency overhead, your budget will be only used for your travel expenses and we guarantees that our Trekking Guides, Mountain Guides and porters will be paid fairly with full insured.

Our professional, dedicated and highly motivated teams are always on hand to make certain that every aspect of your journey is heart-warming and rewarding. Our friendly staffs are experienced and well organized whose sole objective is to provide personalized service to the highest quality and share our beautiful country with you. We are confident that you will not be just customers but as special friends, who want to come again and again to Nepal with us after trip.

Our Trekking staffs especially Guides are well trained and experience of all about kinds of health problems. Whether it is simply gastro-intestinal or altitude related. Our Guide will be able to steer you towards safe food and water and will insist on a responsible and slow approach towards the higher areas. Should an emergency situation arise, our guide well connected and can arrange for immediate evacuation by horse or helicopter, depending on the severity of the case.

  • Medial and First aid treatment.
  • Safety and security during trekking passes and mountain climbing

  • Well knowledge of altitude sickness.
  • Monitoring all aspects of government policies and weather that may affect your trip
  • 24 hours communication with us.
  • Helicopter and emergency rescue.

We employ a range of dedicated and professional trekking staff from administration to airport pickup. They are all local peoples and each of them is employed on a full time basis with Ethic Himalaya. We arrange guides who speaks English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese for clients as per required. We encourage you to evaluate the quality and inclusions in our packages. We really deliver the ultimate adventure experience.

There are no hidden and additional fees of trip cost. Our trips cost are more reasonable compared to those of many big companies. It is not because we sacrifice our service level. Many international companies will take service charge from one-third to three quarters of trip cost.  Being locally operated, we are able to keep our price down and all trip proceeds support the local economy directly.

Ethic Himalaya Treks appreciates the hard work of our porters preform. Without them our trip would not be possible. We continue to strive towards eliminating avoidable illness, injury and death. We suggest them to follow our guidelines for ethical trekking and treat them as you would be treated yourself.

  • We provide appropriate clothing set for each porter depending upon the nature of trips ensuring protection from cold, rain and snow.
  • Our Trekking porters are fully insured of medical care and accidental insurance.
  • We do not let to carry overloaded that we allow carrying upto 25 kgs per porter. It’s not all about making money. We thrive on being able to employ the local people with full respect and treat each and every one of them as we would expect to be treated with utmost respect.
  • We pay fair wages and allowance
  • We provide basic accommodation or tents with sleeping gears along with food and drinks

Our trekking staffs are well known about the sustainability principles refer to the environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects of tourism development and a suitable balance must be established between these three dimensions to guarantee its long-term sustainability. Before the trip commence, our guide will brief group members on the importance of conservation in the environment as part of our responsible tourism efforts. We frequently participate in and also initiate clean-up campaign to promote awareness as well as to maintain a clean and healthy living environment.  

Ethic Himalaya trek donates a percentage of its profits to a social organization in the remote parts of Nepal that provides infrastructural support to School, scholarship to the needy students, environmental programme, health camp etc. in the different parts of Nepal. We conduct a number of charity treks each year to raise funds for the different activities.